Musical Theater Workshops

Grades 3-12West Side Story Still

The Musical Theater Program at Amadeus is a unique opportunity for students to become knowledgeable in the art of theater. Working with trained professionals in the field,  students acquire a real hands-on experience in all aspects of theater from technical skills to  performance. Depending upon the individual student’s educational needs and level of training, programs are offered that will supplement his or her knowledge and love of musical theater.

Working with the students in a supportive environment, our teachers strive to teach the components of effective performance, while building self-confidence and communication skills. Students enrolled in the class will gain experience in musical theater through weekly rehearsals, including improvisational games and theater-oriented exercises.

The semester culminates with a full-length musical performance. Our past shows have included The Little Mermaid, Cats, The Sound of Music, South Pacific, Aladdin, The Wizard of Oz, Grease, West Side Story, Once Upon a Mattress, The King and I, Carousel, Seneca Falls, How to Eat Like a Child, Peter Pan, Beauty and the Beast, Guys and Dolls, Hair, Anything Goes, Merrily We Roll Along, The Snow Queen, Little Shop of Horrors among many others.