Digital Composition, Production and Recording

Amadeus offers private composition lessons in our state of the art recording studio. Working with jazz/rock composers and professional sound engineers students can learn to compose, arrange and produce their own music to a professional quality CD/Digital recording file. By the end of the semester, students will have their own completed musical compositions.


Students will be trained in the use of MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) sequencing software, and will gain a basic knowledge in the art of arranging notes and rhythms into original compositions. Composing and creating music using a USB equipped keyboard connected to a computer is a great way for students to develop musical judgment and to learn the possibilities of structure and form in music. Computer software such as Garage Band, Logic Pro and the notation software Sibelius are used as tools for:

  • developing the ear through ear training software
  • music transcription skills
  • rhythmic background tracks for improvisation
  • music theory
  • the reading, writing and printing of music notation

Production and Recording

In this class students learn to do much more than just clicking and dragging loops to form a prefabricated song.  They are taught the fundamentals of melody and motivic development, harmony, and song structure in order to be able to compose, arrange and produce their own music.

For students interested in learning the technical aspects of recording, we offer instruction in the basics of engineering, mixing, editing and sound design.

Jazz Composition

Similar to our composition course, jazz composition offers students the opportunity to create their own music, specifically in the jazz style. Students will be taught the basics of melody, harmony, and musical structure within the jazz context. Throughout the semester, students will keep a running portfolio of original pieces and emerge from the course with an impressive repertoire and their own CD.