What Parents Say

“The teachers are phenomenal. The teachers are all professional. They work in the industry, they understand the industry, and they are great witKaren Visserh the kids.”

“I take no greater pride than when my children finish a recital. Such pride that they have worked so hard and they do the recitals and that people applaud and appreciate the work that they have gone into.”

– Karen Yee Visser, violin and piano students Luke, John and Madeline’s mother.

“All three of my children are very different in the way they learn, what their strengths are, what their weaknesses are and things here are taught to the individual child and the way he Rosemarieor she learns.”

“The best nights in my house are when there’s no TV on, no computer on and I hear music coming from all the different rooms at my house. That’s how I envisioned having children would go.”

– Rosemarie Tishelman, Amadeus parent, artist, piano student and mother of three Amadeus  students.

“When we met with Director Deborah the first thing she wanted to know was what our needs were and we had a long discussion until she found the exactTomer 1 perfect teacher, perfect timing and perfect plan for Danielle and her success is the proof that Amadeus is a great place.”

– Yaron Tomer, M.D. piano student Danielle’s father.

“ When you go on stage you know you’ve made 100 people happy because you have created something beautiful and that’s something really special. Nicholas feels like that’s his own because he puts in a tremendous amount of work and it’s something he cherishes for a very, very long time. I think that’s incredibly impoaoki1rtant for a child’s self confidence.”

– Victor Aoki, violin student Nicholas’ father.



“Mira’s been a student of the Amadeus school since Shobbashe was 4 ½ so all her memories have to do with the school. …Mira had always wanted to learn the French Horn from age 2…so when it was time to do the horn it just seemed logical that i would come back to Amadeus and say find me a good horn teacher – and did we luck out!

– Shobba Vanchiswar, french horn student Mira’s mother.


“For Kristen and me, music is very special and important. It is important to us that our children get in touch with some sort of artistic creativity. When our older son was 9 or 10 years old, he was having some trouble in school. The best thing for Matt was to get in touch with what it meant to be world class in soLindermething. He picked up the gauntlet at Amadeus with very good guitar teachers, attended Juilliard and Wesleyan, and graduated a senior honoree. He played in Germany, Turkey and Tuscany. He learned to get straight A’s in school through his experiences studying music at Amadeus. For Matt to really excel, he needed to learn to excel at a world class level. He learned what it took to be challenged and to complete something. He realized how to achieve something of his own potential.”

– Louis Linder, guitar student Matthew’s father.

“We absolutely love this place. Tova sees Amadeus as a home away from hoMerrieme.”

-Merrie Teitel-Greene, musical theater student Tova’s mother.

“Every time we drive to Chappaqua we have sense of coming home, because the Amadeus school is like a home.  It sort of matched Debbie’s vision, she created a place that is not just a music school. She’s created a place that seeks to bring out the soul of a child, bring out the inner-self. That to me is the reason why I chose this school. Susan Banker

-Susan Banker, drum student Ben’s mother