Suzuki Violin and Cello

Ages 4-6Suzuki violin & cello  instruction

Suzuki music lessons are offered in violin and cello and are a wonderful way for children and toddlers to begin their musical studies.

The Suzuki method allows young children to learn to play an instrument by ear. Based on the theory that children learn to speak their native language through listening, repetition, and reinforcement, the Suzuki method is a nurturing approach that offers positive reinforcement at every stage. Through listening to recordings of familiar songs such as “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star,” children learn to play songs without having to read notes. Parents also have the opportunity to attend lessons and become the child’s coach at home.

The Suzuki program has three components; a private lesson with a parent or caregiver in attendance, a group lesson without parents, and an optional parents class. In the parents class, parents learn to play full size instruments so they can help their children practice at home.

All of the violin, and cello teachers at Amadeus teach the Suzuki method as well as traditional pedagogy.

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