A School Like No Other
Find out why Amadeus inspires students to achieve excellence
Prelude Program
The Prelude program is a low-cost private lesson program for beginners of all ages or adults returning to music.
Receive Private Lessons
Students receive one-on-one instruction with professional musicians
Rock Workshop
Explore the various forms of rock and funk music performance with artists such as James Brown, the Who, Stevie Wonder and others
Group Classes: Instrumental and Voice
We provide semi-private and small group lessons for violin, keyboard, guitar, drums and voice.



At Amadeus, located in Chappaqua and St. Matthew’s Church in Bedford, we want to ignite your child’s passion for music!  Through a program of private lessons, ensembles, and theory classes, we lay the groundwork for your child’s success in developing expertise in his/her instrument.  Our teachers are dedicated to not only helping your child advance and excel in their chosen instrument, but to imbue them with the joyful connection to music that comes from actually playing classical music.  We teach voice, piano, guitar, violin, viola, cello, bass, harp, clarinet, saxophone, bassoon, oboe, flute, trumpet, french horn, trombone, tuba and drums. We want every student to experience the happiness that comes from learning to play an instrument or sing well.

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ContemporaryMusicians playing guitars

There is a reason young people walk around with earbuds in their ears listening to popular music wherever they go.  It is the music of their time, of their peers, and of their choice!  They naturally want to play it, listen to it, and surround themselves with it as often as possible. Although our school, located in Chappaqua and St. Matthew’s Church in Bedford, is named Amadeus after Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, his music was the pop music of his time!  We have attracted a superb faculty of rock, funk, blues, fusion, and jazz musicians to teach young people interested in electric and acoustic guitar, electric bass, piano, keyboard, song writing and production, sax, flute, and other instruments in the world of pop music.

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XylophonesEarly Childhood

Young children love to get their hands on real instruments and actually play them! With their natural curiosity, love of motion and action, 3 to 5 year olds learn to play small violins, keyboards, bongos, recorders, xylophones and ukuleles. Exploring many instruments opens their horizons to deciding which instruments they may want to play as they get older. Kids play, dance and move to the beat in a lively class that leaves them asking for more.

Mini Music makers

This class introduces music and rhythm to babies through a series of nursery rhymes set to music, both vocal and instrumental. By using the power of music and props, this class helps to develop and stimulate the neurological network, and make sense out of sounds and rhythm. This in turn helps them eventually comprehend words. The class will enable the parent or caregiver to strengthen the bond with their child and have fun doing it. Between ribbons, a parachute, bubbles, soft toys, drums, and games involving bouncing, wiggles and tickling, peek-a-boos and finishing with a calming lullaby, see your baby’s eyes light up as they discover the interactive world of music!

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