Prelude Program

The Prelude program is a low-cost private lesson prograGettyImages_142230993m for beginners of all ages or adults returning to music.

Prelude is for students whose goals are to have fun with music as they try out an instrument before making the commitment of time and money. This program offers an enjoyable introduction to instrumental study with freedom to explore a new interest. This program is available for new students only in the fall semester.

Lessons are offered for 30 minutes

To register please fill out the form below and hit send.

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Amadeus Conservatory of Music
Policies and Procedures Agreement
Registration Policy Private lessons and classes can not begin until payment is received in full by check, Master Card, Visa, or the FACTS Tuition Payment Plan with a deposit check for 25% of the annual tuition payable to Amadeus.Make-up Lessons Individual lessons can be scheduled for a make-up only if your child is sick and Amadeus Conservatory is called by 8.00AM on or before the day of the lesson. Make-up lessons are not given for student vacations outside of our public school vacation schedule or other scheduling conflicts. Only two absences due to illness can be make up per year. Once semester students will receive one make-up for absence due to illness. Group lessons will not be made up unless cancelled by the teacher or if we are closed for inclement snow.Lessons cancelled by a teacher will be rescheduled, as will lessons missed when the school is closed due to snow. If Chappaqua schools are closed for snow. Amadeus will automatically be closed. Teachers will offer two alternative dates for make-up lessons. If they are refused, the lesson will be considered made up. Make-up lessons cancelled by the student can not be rescheduled. All lessons must be made up by the end of the Amadeus academic year.Change of Teachers The school reserves the right to replace a teacher with a similarly qualified teacher if Amadeus has to replace a teacher due to unforeseen circumstances beyond our control. If this occurs there will be no refund of tuition for the duration of the academic year.Amadeus Conservatory of Music reserves the right to dismiss, without refund, at the sole discretion of the instructor and director, a student whose conduct, influence or behavior is deemed unsatisfactory. InjuriesParents, legal guardians of minors and adults students waive the right to any legal action for any injury sustained on or around school property resulting from any activity conducted by the students before, during or after lesson time. It is the responsibility of parents to make sure their children are supervised and picked up on time.PaymentPayment may be made through FACTS Management Company, beginning with a 25% tuition deposit and registration made payable to Amadeus Conservatory. Payment may also be made in full by check, MasterCard or Visa. If you elect to pay in full, payment must be received in advance of the first lesson. If payment is not received before the first lesson a monthly 5% late fee will automatically be assessed until paid.Refunds and WithdrawalsPrivate Lessons:Refunds will be given upon receipt of written request, according to the following:100% refund when written request is received by August 1st 201575% refund when written request is received by September 1st of the academic year.After lessons have begun, if the student decides they do not want to continue, refunds will only be given for private lessons within the first four weeks exclusive of lessons already received and the $100 registration fee. After the first four weeks, refunds will only be given in case of relocation or extended illness.Classes:

There are no refunds for any Amadeus classes for any reason.


There is no supervision at the Chappaqua location after 5pm Monday through Friday and on Saturdays and Sundays when the office is closed. There is no supervision in the Bedford location. It is the responsibility of parents to make sure that they, or their caregiver waits in the Chappaqua waiting room with all the children under the age of 18 after 5pm Monday through Friday or any time on weekends. It is the responsibility of parents to make sure that they, or their caregiver waits in the Bedford waiting room with all the children under the age of 18 at all times.

Financial Responsibility Contract

I, the undersigned agree to assume financial responsibility for full payment on the account or the account of the student (s) below. I understand that I am responsible for full tuition for the academic year or semester regardless of whether my child (student)complete all lessons in this time period (34 lessons and 2 recitals per year or 17 lessons and 1 recital per semester). A late fee of 5% of the yearly tuition will be automatically applied if tuition is not received by the invoice due date. Should the account be in default, I shall be responsible for payment of any collection agency fees, collection costs, pate fees, and/or attorney’s fees. I agree to follow all of the Amadeus Policies and Procedures indicated above.


You can pay online for one-time Prelude Trial Lesson by clicking the buttons below

(All instruments and voice)

30 minute Prelude trial lesson ($40):

To continue lessons and pay the tuition in full, or enroll in the FACTS tuition Payment Plan please call us at 914 238-0388. We accept checks, Visa and Master Card.

This is a one semester class only.

In-home Driving Fee: $30.00
Registration Fee: $100.00