Our Vision

At Amadeus we believe that music can enhance children’s lives in every way. From the sheer joy of mastering a piece and performing, to the pleasure of playing in a group with friends, to listening, understanding and enjoying music and live performances as adults.

We believe that in order to succeed and have fun,  there must be a strong connection between teachers and their students.  Each student that comes to Amadeus meets personally with the Director and is paired with the best teacher for their age, personality and skill. Since our teachers have long relationships with the school, they are able to take children from their first lessons all the way through to their college years. Amadeus endeavors to inspire a lifelong passion for the arts through music.

Recent scientific studies have proven that children who study music excel in math, science, languages and creative thinking.  In addition to the pleasure and confidence playing music engenders in children, studying music been shown to literally increase a child’s brain size, foster collaborative thinking, increase math and language skills, support executive function and organizational development, and ignite creativity.

Bottom line…Music students excel in life!