At Amadeus, we want to ignite your child’s passion for music!  Through a program of private lessons, ensembles, and theory classes, we lay the groundwork for your child’s success in developing expertise in his/her instrument.  Our faculty is dedicated to not only helping your child advance and excel in their chosen instrument, but to imbue them with the joyful connection to music that comes from actually playing classical music.  We want every student to experience the happiness that comes from learning to play an instrument or sing well.
Through this process, they will become active performers as well as listeners of concerts as they grow up, and feel the same connection to beautiful music that all professional musicians know and cherish.
Along with all of this, many recent studies have definitively shown that children who study music excel in math, science, languages and creative thinking.   It happens easily and naturally, and gives children an academic advantage that is priceless as well as timeless.  As Albert Einstein, who studied the violin wrote, his discovery of the theory of relativity was “the result of musical perception.”
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