Contemporary Rock

There is a reason young people walk around with earbuds in their ears listening to popular music wherever they go.  It is the music of their time, of their peers, and of their choice!  They naturally want to play it, listen to it, and surround themselves with it as often as possible. Although our school is named Amadeus after Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, his music was the pop music of his time!  We have attracted a superb faculty of rock, funk, blues, fusion, and jazz musicians to teach young people interested in electric and acoustic guitar, electric bass, keyboard, song writing and production, sax, flute, and other instruments in the world of pop music.

Our hallmark of teaching excellence applies to both our contemporary and classical faculty.  Come try out a lesson with some of the top pop and jazz artists of our time, and come away energized, excited, and ready to create new sounds of your own!

Along with all of this, many recent studies have definitively shown that child who study music excel in math, science, languages and creative thinking. It happens easily and naturally, and gives children an academic advantage that is priceless as well as timeless. As Albert Einstein, who studied the violin, wrote, his discover of the theory of relativity was “the result of musical perception.”

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